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Aarco double skin air handling unit
Aarco manufactures Double Skin Air Handling Units with air flow capacity of 1000 m3/hr to 60000 m3/hr and upto 175mm Aarco manufactures Double Skin Air Handling Units with air flow capacity of 1000 m3/hr to 60000 m3/hr and up to 175mm of static pressure. The air handling unit comprising of mixing chamber with aluminum dampers, filter section with 10 micron, 5 micron, 3 micron, 03. Micron filters as per the requirement.
The fan section is designed for DIDW / plug fan with motor. The double skin panels are insulated with 25/50 mm thick PUF insulation. The frame work comprises an assembly of extruded alluminium profile thermal break section joined by Nylon glass fibre regenerated corner. Coil section is designed for cooling coil, heating coil and direct expansion coil, The drain pan is fabricated from stainless steel sheet with drain connection. Entire assembly is mounted on PUF insulated bottom panel.
Aarco Double Skin Airwasher Unit
The Aarco Double Skin Airwasher Unit is the latest and most advanced Factory assembled unit, a unit evaporative cooler, comprising inlet louvers,Filter section humidification media water distribution system, pump, CentrifugalFan, Motors, SS Water Tank, double skin body. The air is allowed to pass through the humidification media at the sametime water is added at the top Through distributor.  
Water then gets distributed over the contact surface of thePad by means of special angle flute arrangement. Water flow towards the air Inlet side, thus providing cross flow arrangement. The water gets evaporated when it comes in contact with air. It withdraws the sensible heat of air as the heat of evaporation. This process inturn brings down the temperature of air The air temperature thus approaches the wet bulb temperature of the incoming Air. The humidification media consist of corrugated sheets of wettable, strong Cellulose material impregnated specially with decay resisting chemical with Built in eliminators. These units are available from 5000CMH to 250,000CMH And temperature drop with respective atmosphere is 8 to 10 deg centigrade
Types of Air Washer
- Celliluse Matrix Type
- Single Spray
- Double Spray Unitary Type 
Aarco Roof Ventilators 
Aarco Roof Ventilators are available from 2200CFM to 1,30,000 CFM at Pressure from fee air delivery to 25mm WG. or higher static pressure. The high volumes of air required for adequate ventilation of large plants can easily and most economically be handled with Aarco Roof Ventilators. These units are excellent for both general Ventilation and spot ventilation of trouble areas. The vertical discharge jets
exhausted air or fumes above the roof level preventing recirculation into supply Systems. The many years of engineering & manufacturing experience have been utlised to offer the most efficient and most quiet method to exhaust warmor contaminated air from your plant area.  
Aarco Clean room 
Aarco Clean Rooms are specially constructed, environmentally controlled enclosed spaces with respect to airborn particulates temprature, humidity, air pressure, air flow pattern, air motion, vibration, noise, viable organisms and lighting. Particulate control includes particulate and microbial contamination, particulate concentration and dispersion. “Federal Standard 209E” defines a clean room as a room in which the concentration of air born particles is controlled to specific limits. Clean rooms are typically used in manufacturing, packaging and research facilities. The external contamination is controlled primarily by high efficiency filteration, space pressurisation and sealingof space penetrations. Internal improtant control precautions include wall, floors, ceiling tiles, light fixture, door, windows, airlocks. Air showers are used to remove contaminats from personnel before entering the clean space. Aarco provides complete documentation as per USFD/GMP/Scb.m required that IQ, OQ, DQ, SQ 
Aarco Air Curtains  
Air curtain works as a effective barrier against dust flies, flying insects and fumes. These are especially designed for Shops, hotels, pharmaceutical industries, printing industries, hospitals, Breweries, food industries, steel and cement plants.
Aarco Air Curtains are suitable for door width3’,4’,5’,6’,8’and 10’ The nozzle velocity varies from 10m/sec to 20m/sec. The units are also available with flameproof motor and SS construction. 
Aarco Laminar Flow Unit  
Aarco manufactures Double Skin Air Handling Units with air flow capacity of 1000 m3/hr to 60000 m3/hr and upto 175mm Aarco manufactures Double Skin Air Handling Units with air flow capacity of 1000 m3/hr to 60000 m3/hr and upto 175mm of static pressure . The air handling unit comprising of mixing chamber with aluminum dampers, filter section with 10 micron, 5 micron, 3 micron, 03. Micron filters as per the requirement. 
Aarco Centrifugal Blower  
Aarco Centrifugal Fans are designed for Air handling, Ventilation, Dust Collection, Fume extraction, hot air systems etc. The capacities ranges from 200CMH to 5,00,000 CMH. 
Types of Centrifugal Fan:
- Double Inlet Double Width Fan
- Single Inlet Single Width Fan
- Induced Draft / Forced Draft Fan
- Double Stage High Pressure Fan
- Medium Width 
Aarco Dust Collector 
Dust collectors are used in many processes to either recover valuable granular solid or powder from process steams or to remove granular solid pollutants from exhaust gases prior to venting to the atmosphere. They are often used as an air pollutants control device to maintain or improve air quality. They are available in capacities ranging from 300CFM to 100000 CFM. 
Application of Dust Collectors :  
Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Plants Granulation, Shiffter, Blender,Multimill,Bagging Etc.
Glass Industries / Foundry Sand Handling, Conveyor, Elevator, Rubber Industries Calender Machine, Banbury Mixer,Talcum Powder Etc.
- Wood Working Industries
- Coal Handling Plant
- Power Station
- Mining Plant
- Cement Plant
- Short blasting
- Automobile Industries
- Textile Industries
- Steel Industries
- Paper Industries 
Type of Dust Collectors 
1. cartridge Type Pulse-Jet Dust Collector
2. Fabric Filter Type Pulse- Jet Dust Collectors
3. Fabric Filter Type Mechnical- Shaking Dust Collectors
4. Mobile Dust Collector
5. Unitary Dust Collector 
Aarco Dust Extraction Unit for Pharma Industries 
- The pleated cartridges are fixed in vertically    bag holding pates.
- These cartridges are removable from    top/bottom.
- Pleated bags are usually of 150 diameter with    length upto 2Mtr.
- The filteration area of pleated bags are three    times the cloth area which leads to increase the    volume capacity of given dust collector.
- The dust collector are usually having inbuilt Centrifugalblower with acoustic
- The air is exhausted through filters.
- Drawer is provided to collect the dust.
- Sequential timer is provided to operate the solenoid valves.
- Compressed air header is complete with pressure gauge, safety valve and petcock drain.
- The pulse system is tested at factory.
- These units are available from 300CFM, 600CFM, 900 CFM.  
Aarco Portable Dust Collector 
The units are specially designed for single point dust extraction system, having manual shaking arrangement, compact in size & trolley mounted drawer type.
Standard dust collector capacity is 300 CFM / 1.5 H.P., 450 CFM / 2 H.P. 
Aarco Wet Collector  
Wet type Dust Collector is designed for collecting dust from foundries, mines, Engineering workshops etc. The collectors are available from 5,000 M/hr. To 80,000 M/hr. Wet type dust collectors has high collecting efficiency, operates without water pump. The main component of wet collector are upper section/lower section and ventuary unit. Upper section consist of inlet chamber, dewatering baffles, outlet opening and access doors. Lower section is provided with
hopper and ventuary. The dust laden fumes enters into inlet chamber then flow downward through ventuary, the water trap the dust particle into agglomerates and the dust is removed in the form of slurry from hopper. 
Aarco Cyclone separators  
Aarco Cyclone Separators are normally used for collecting various types of Coarsed dust particles, in which dust laden gas enters a cylindrical chamber Tangentially at one or more points and leaves through a central opening. The dust particals by virtue of its intia, will tend to move towards the outside Wall from which it led into a receiver. The Cyclone is made of sheet Steel (M.S or SS). 
Aarco Gas Scrubber  
Gas scrubbers are air pollution control devices that use a high-energy liquid spray to remove aerosol and gaseous pollutants from an air stream. Gas scrubbers are commonly used to help control emissions of gases into the atmosphere. The basic wet scrubber consists of a vessel with adequate cross-sectional area to provide the correct air velocity, a depth of packing media for distributing scrubbing solution like caustic or base solution that can capture and
neutralize the gases, recirculation system to provide the correct volume of solution throughout the packing and a demister pad or mist eliminator to prevent excess scrubbing solution from re-entraining into the exhaust stack. The gas stream passes through a bed of structured or randomly packed media. The packed media used here is pall rings which absorbs maximum amount of gas contents and gives minimum static pressure drop. Scrubber sprays chambers and spray nozzles is designed to thoroughly saturate the media. Sufficient numbers of nozzles are provided for packing irrigation to ensure that no portions of the packed bed remain dry. The material of construction may be MS / SS304 / SS316L or PP/ FRP depending on characteristics of fume. 
Cross Flow Scrubber 
The Aarco Cross Flow Scrubber is a unique air pollution control device designed to remove a wide range of gaseous pollutants and small liquid or solid particles from process gas streams. The gas stream flows horizontally through the unique fill media at right angles To the downward flowing scubbing liquid. The extensive wetted surface of the fill Material provides intimates contact between the gaseous pollutants and scrubbing liquid. The downward flowing liquid carries away
the gaseous and Solid pollutant. Water is most commonly used scrubbing liquid.  
Aarco Ventury Scrubber 
Consist of venturi shaped inlet and seprator. The dust laden gasses enter through the venture and are accelerated to higher speed. These high-gas velocities immediately atomize the coarse water spary, which is injected radially into the venture throats, into fine droplets. High energy and extreme turbulence promotes collision between water.  
Aarco Axial Fan 
Aarco Axial Flow Fans ranges from capacities of 300 CMH to 60,000 CMH. These are suitable for various applications for ventilation and exhaust Purpose. The fan is equipped with cast aluminum impeller with airfoil section Blades which discharges powerful air stream with effective velocity. Fans can be supplied with flameproof motor and FRP lining. 
Trolley Mounted Supply cum Exhaust Air-Blower 
Aarco trolley mounted supply cum exhaust air blower is feasible for exhaust of welding fumes in shipyard area where space is a criteria .The MS fabricated suction discharge manifold is provided with provision to connect 8 nos PVC hose pipe. Design parameters generally conform to international standards. 
Aarco Engine Test Bed Cooling Blower 
Dynomo Engine Cooling, Vehical cooling blower O/L 100 KMP to 150 KMP.
This centrifugal fans are designed 2 deliver air at the velocity of 100kmph to 150 kmph. 
Aarco Air Filters 
These filters are available up to 4000M3/hr. with face velocity 1.5M/Sec. to 3M/Sec. initial pressure drop 6Pa to 25Pa and average efficiency up to 99.9998% filter class G1 to U15
( BS BN 779 ).
The filters are fabricated under exacting condition to meet the rigid specification of international Test Standards as per U.S. Federal Standard
209 B. 
Aarco Turbine Ventilator 
The economical and efficient way to exhaust warm and state air is through roof mounted turbo type ventilator, where positive draft is created by this Ventilator and does not allow rain water to enter.
The Ventilator are available in two size 450mm & 600mm with and without Motor. 
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