Clean Room

We Aarco Engineering Projects Pvt. Ltd. are leading manufacturer/supplier/contractor of Clean Room construction Service Providers in india.

  • Aarco Clean Rooms are specially constructed, environmentally controlled enclosed spaces with respect to airborn particulates temprature, humidity, air pressure, air flow pattern, air motion, vibration, noise, viable organisms and lighting. Particulate control includes particulate and microbial contamination, particulate concentration and dispersion. “Federal Standard 209E” defines a clean room as a room in which the concentration of air born particles is controlled to specific limits. Clean rooms are typically used in manufacturing, packaging and research facilities. The external contamination is controlled primarily by high efficiency filteration, space pressurisation and sealingof space penetrations. Internal improtant control precautions include wall, floors, ceiling tiles, light fixture, door, windows, airlocks. Air showers are used to remove contaminats from personnel before entering the clean space. Aarco provides complete documentation as per USFD/GMP/Scb.m required that IQ, OQ, DQ, SQ