Dust Extraction Unit for Pharma Industries

We Aarco Engineering Projects Pvt. Ltd. are leading manufacturer/supplier/contractor of Dust Extraction Unit for Pharma Industries Service Providers in india.

    • - The pleated cartridges are fixed in vertically bag holding pates.
    • - These cartridges are removable from top/bottom.
    • - Pleated bags are usually of 150 diameter with length upto 2Mtr.
    • - The filteration area of pleated bags are three times the cloth area which leads to increase the volume capacity of given dust collector.
    • - The dust collector are usually having inbuilt Centrifugalblower with acoustic
    • - The air is exhausted through filters.
    • - Drawer is provided to collect the dust.
    • - Sequential timer is provided to operate the solenoid valves.
    • - Compressed air header is complete with pressure gauge, safety valve and petcock drain.
    • - The pulse system is tested at factory.
    • - These units are available from 300CFM, 600CFM, 900 CFM.