Double Skin Airwasher Unit

We Aarco Engineering Projects Pvt. Ltd. are leading manufacturer/supplier/contractor of Single and Double Skin Air Washer Unit Service Providers in india.

  • The Aarco Double Skin Airwasher Unit is the latest and most advanced Factory assembled unit, a unit evaporative cooler, comprising inlet louvers,Filter section humidification media water distribution system, pump, CentrifugalFan, Motors, SS Water Tank, double skin body. The air is allowed to pass through the humidification media at the sametime water is added at the top Through distributor.
    Water then gets distributed over the contact surface of thePad by means of special angle flute arrangement. Water flow towards the air Inlet side, thus providing cross flow arrangement. The water gets evaporated when it comes in contact with air. It withdraws the sensible heat of air as the heat of evaporation. This process inturn brings down the temperature of air The air temperature thus approaches the wet bulb temperature of the incoming Air. The humidification media consist of corrugated sheets of wettable, strong Cellulose material impregnated specially with decay resisting chemical with Built in eliminators. These units are available from 5000CMH to 250,000CMH And temperature drop with respective atmosphere is 8 to 10 deg centigrade

    Types of Air Washer

    • - Celliluse Matrix Type
    • - Single Spray
    • - Double Spray Unitary Type